The Pink Milkfloat

Some time ago I acquired a milkfloat. It is a more practical and useful vehicle than people realise; in particular it has a large load area with a floor which is at a convenient height to use as a work surface. I can put a simple hand-operated press on the floor of the float, travel to an event, and allow visitors to print keepsakes of their own.

Although letterpress printing is a skilled activity, it is easy for novices to get a taste of the art by using simple equipment that is easy to operate. A hand-operated flat-bed or platen press is ideal and large wood letters are easy to lay out and robust enough to survive inexpert handling. They give satisfying results quickly too.

I have travelled to several events on the float and I am always willing to consider future bookings. In 2011 I visited a number of venues during Oxfordshire Art Weeks and I was also in the fringe at Vintage by Hemingway helping promote the Print Workshop at St Bride Foundation.

Wantage market, Oxford Artweeks 2011
Banbury, Oxford Artweeks 2011
Pink Milkfloat commemorative card